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Final Federal Rule for Antique Elephant Ivory Released M.A.D. staff 2016-06-13
Rudolph Lux: Some Very Bad News but Some Good News, Too A. J. Peluso, Jr. 2016-06-10
Ceramics in America Lita Solis-Cohen 2016-06-09
Computer-Aided Design John P. Reid 2016-06-08
Picasso, Allegedly Stolen--Hidden in Plain Sight M.A.D. staff 2016-06-07
A Long and Winding Road Hollie Davis and Andrew Richmond 2016-06-06
Randi Ona, Wayne, New Jersey Frank Donegan 2016-06-04
Vending Machine Restorer Banned from Operating in North Carolina M.A.D. staff 2016-06-04
Collector Fails to Pay Tax, Pays Huge Settlement Instead Casey O'Brien and Betty Flood 2016-06-03
An Imaginary Conversation Leads to a Proposed "Collector Code of Conduct" Baron Perlman 2016-06-02
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