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California Dealer Sentenced for Illegal Sale of Black Rhinoceros Horns M.A.D. Staff 2016-02-03
Collector Sues over Native American Art Purchases M.A.D. Staff 2016-02-02
David Weiss Antiques, Mill River, Massachusetts Frank Donegan 2016-02-02
Map Believed Stolen from the Boston Public Library Found in New York City and Returned M.A.D. Staff 2016-02-02
Advances in Wood Identification and Thereby Attributions Yuri Yanchyshyn 2016-02-01
Appraisal Organizations Join Forces M.A.D. Staff 2016-01-29
New Show in Cedar Grove, New Jersey M.A.D. Staff 2016-01-28
Masonic and Odd Fellows Folk Art Lita Solis-Cohen 2016-01-27
Letter from London, February 2016 Ian McKay 2016-01-27
Spring Antique Spectacular to Open One Hour Earlier M.A.D. Staff 2016-01-27
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