A Fantastic Auction

Thursday, Friday & Saturday,
March 5, 6 & 7, 2020

To be held in the Barry Expo Center, on the Barry County Fairgrounds
at 1350 N. M-37 Highway, Hastings, Michigan

(go 4-1/2 miles northwest of Hastings M-37 to the sale site
or approx. 20 miles southeast of Grand Rapids on Beltline/M-37 to the auction location)

For years Nick Monios collected with a mission and desire to assemble a high-end group of phonographs, radios, records, music boxes, early cartoon books, prints, posters, high-end toys, and related items of all types. He was a perfectionist having the desire that his machines, and the items in his collection, were in the condition that they were when they left the factory.

This collection is phenomenal.
We have just begun cataloging and photographing, and we are amazed at what we are finding.
Here is a sampling:

A complete set of Vogue Picture Records including the rare examples. 20+ Spartan and various mirrored radios including The Spartan Nocturne floor model, and one of the most sought after radios The Zenith Stratosphere with it’s mascot the Zenith Stratosphere Cat Statue; Radios including the rare Novelty radios ranging from the Disney examples, to Lone Rangers, Charlie McCarthy’s, on & on. Sonora Supreme phonograph with matching record cabinet; Victor VV-VTLA (XX) w/gold trim Victor Circassian and American Walnut examples; 9 or 10 Lamp Phonographs – all varieties; Three Regina Automatic Changer music boxes – Oak, Walnut & Mahogany; Reginaphone 20-3/4” w/matching base cabinet; Miraphone Console Music Machine; Birdcages, Whistlers, Roller Organs, Phonograph Doll, Signage; Victor VI with a fantastic Salter base cabinet; Victor V MAHOGANY phonograph w/mahogany spear tip horn; Columbia Coin Operated Phonograph; Mutoscope; Mill’s Coin Op. Peep Show; Catalin Radios; Bottle Radios; 100 prints, pictures and frames, Regina Hexaphone; Mills Automatic Phonograph; Rare Edison B450 walnut Diamond Disc; Rare Edison B80 fancy Diamond Disc; Victor VV-XVI Vernis Martin Floor Model machine; Zon-o-phones, A great collection of toys; Salter, Herzog and various cabinetry; 3 Fantastic Keen-o-phone floor model phonographs; Musical Automaton; Columbia Grand Piano Phonograph; Rare Nazi Table Radio; a complete set of Vogue Picture records including the rare examples “Queen for a Day” and “Rum and Coca-Cola”; On and On, the list is endless and incredible.

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