Quality 3-Day
Music Machine Auction

To be held in the Barry County Expo Center
1350 N. M-37 Highway, Hastings, Michigan on:

Thursday, Friday & Saturday, January 6, 7, and 8, 2022

Thursday’s sale begins at 1:00 P.M.
Friday & Saturday start at 9:00 A.M. each day

Quality 3-Day Music Machine Auction

Quality 3-Day Music Machine Auction

Quality 3-Day Music Machine Auction

This will be an excellent auction with a fantastic representation of rare and desirable phonographs, music boxes, clocks and more. Included in the auction is Ron Sitko Estate Collection of phonographs with a Rare Berliner “Tin Can” Ratchet Wind example, Berliner JS, 2 Edison Bijou Coin-operated phonographs, Bettini reproducers, Cabinets, and more. We have also received the collections from the Chris Janko Estate and the Koontz Estate both from Northern California and the Lelland Fletcher Estate collection from San Diego. These collections contain disc and cylinder music boxes, clocks, and wood horn phonographs. From the eastern and southern part of the United States we have a Rare Phonographs and Music Boxes including A rare Edison Ajax (originally from the Aaron Cramer Estate Collection, Rosenfield ISM coin operated machine restored by George Paul, Edison Class M, Edison School with original stand, A glass top Herzog cabinet with Edison Home, Idealia, Rare round Herzog & unique cylinder record cabinets, a Edison gold plated Triumph with cygnet horn, an excellent tin foil Exhibition by Sigmund Bergmann that was reproduced by Ray Phillips of California in 1957. He made only 5 of these machines at that time, Opera’s, wooden horn Victor’s, Victor Schoolhouse, 1,000s of cylinder records, A great group of Berliner and other 7" discs, Berliner disc record cases (2), Edison Diamond Discs including 52000 series, and so much more.

One of the rarest items in the auction is a complete Cameraphone. The machine includes two Columbia Graphophones to coordinate the sound with the film. This is the only know example to exist. A great package for both film and audio and machine collectors.

The representation of music boxes is excellent. A Regina 15½" Changer with stained and leaded glass front and clock top, Reginaphone 240 lions head machine in a RARE oak cabinet, A rare Reginaphone 20¾" oak desk, Regina 27" changer, A very clean & restored Imperator upright disc music box, a Reginaphone 20¾" combination music box and phonograph with serpentine sides and a matching cabinet in near mint condition, Bird cages, Automatons, wonderful bird boxes including silver examples, whistlers, Interchangeable, Organ and Orchestral cylinder music boxes, A Mill’s Violano Virtuoso with a MIDI system from the Fletcher Estate, the list goes on and on, and the quality of the machines is excellent.

The Clock and Watch collection coming from the Lelland Fletcher Estate is fantastic. So many rare time clocks along with black forest, musical clocks, automatons, and rare examples that we have not had an opportunity to offer in the last 50 years. The clocks also come with a strong list of approximately 100 pocket watches. Watch our website for pictures and additional information.

We are currently accepting individual machines and collections of phonographs, music boxes, nickelodeons, and band organs, as well as high end antiques and coin operated items. Call us to discuss your items, collections, and the Estates that you may be representing. We also continue to work with museums around North America in the deaccession of items and our efforts to find interested buyers for the items through our catalogs, online promotion, mailers, and phone bidding. Stanton’s can arrange pickup of your collections anywhere around the country.

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