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Attrib. GIOVANNI GIAMBATTISTA TIEPOLO (Venice, Italy 1696-1770)

Attrib. GIOVANNI GIAMBATTISTA TIEPOLO (Venice, Italy 1696-1770)
“VIRTUE, NOBILITY, IGNORANCE & FAME” (Putting Ignorance to Flight).
Commissioned by Count Carlo Caiselli, ca 1742/1743 for a ceiling for the Palazzo Caiselli, or his Villa of Percoto or Cortello Villa.
Oil on canvas, ceiling fresco.
4.79 meters x 2.51 meters
(15’ x 8’). Re-lined. Un-framed.
Authenticated by recognized world leader on Tiepolo, Prof. George Knox in 1991 & Academy of Science, Udine, 1970/72.
When one thinks of fresco painting masters, one may be less likely to conjure the name of Giovanni Giambattista Tiepolo as the most famous painter of whom one never heard.
Tiepolo, however, is largely considered the greatest painter of 18th century Europe.

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