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Large collection of antique woven splint baskets, antique metal wares including hearth equipment and utensils, fire-backs and stove plates, American and European pewter, sterling and coin silver, 18th and 19th century brass candlesticks, early lighting devices, tin cookie cutters, copper apple butter kettles, antique wooden wares including burlwood bowls, decoys, boxes, antique glazed redware pottery, Early blown glass including chestnut flasks, pitkins, demijohn bottles, powder horns, Furniture including PA William & Mary Walnut Tavern Table, Mortised Leg Benches, PA Queen Anne Cherry Two Drawer Work Stand, PA Chippendale Softwood Hanging Corner Cupboard, PA Federal Softwood Blind Door Corner Cupboard, Early 19th Century PA Walnut Dough Box, PA 19th Century Walnut hanging Salt Box, Quilts and Coverlets, Artwork including Anders Zorn Nude Etchings, Reuben Ward Binks Paintings, Charles A. McClellan Oil on Canvas Portrait of Alfred Victor Du Pont, B. Rosenmeyer Gouache and wash on paper Equestrian Scene, Oil on Canvas Portrait of Joseph Shippen, John W. McCoy Watercolor Paintings, Rea N. Redifer Watercolor on Paper Paintings, partial listing.
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Hess Auction Group Hess Auction Group