London & Northern Express Line
Watercolor on paper attributed to the Utica Master Lawrence W. Ladd.

18 x 29 inches unframed
American, circa: 1890-1910
Excellent condition

The painter of these unusual watercolors, Utica Master Lawrence W. Ladd, was dubbed the Utica Master after a large portfolio of his works was discovered at the Utica Academy in the 1920s. Recent scholarship, however, has tentatively identified the artist as Lawrence W. Ladd, working in the last quarter of the 19th century. The majority of Ladd’s works are done in watercolor and pencil on paper, and measure 18 x 29 inches. While some of his pictures are individual genre scenes, landscapes, and historical subjects, many of them have been hinged together by the artist to form large, fold-out panoramas of trains, historical events, and travel documents. Ladd’s artistic style included the heavy outlining of figures, exaggerated facial expressions and gestures, quickly rendered lines and crosshatching to model forms, and a simple palette without color gradations.

Exhibitions/Literature: Schweizer, Paul D., and Polowy, Barbara C. Panoramas for the People, Museum of Art Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute, Utica, NY, 1984. An Exhibition of American Folk Art, February 26-March 31,1982, Utica, NY. Image number 20.

Circa: 1890-1910

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