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Classified Ads

The rates for classified ads are $1.00 per word. For 25 words or fewer, the cost is $25.00 minimum charge. Photographs or illustrations are $10 extra. (They may be furnished in any size, but will not exceed 1½” in publication.) Count all words, numbers, and standard abbreviations (etc., St., Ave., state abbreviations, ppd., Dept., ZIP, and so on) of text and address. Payment in advance, please, for classifieds. Tear sheets of classifieds are not sent. MAINE ANTIQUE DIGEST, PO Box 1429, Waldoboro, ME 04572 or email [email protected].


FINE ART SERVICES. Conservation and restoration of paintings and painted objects. Free consultation, exceptional service. Elizabeth Caton Pardoe, BFA, member AIC. Warren, ME. (207) 273-1375, <[email protected]>.


SAILING SHIP NAME BOARDS “2” R.B. Bennett Prime Minister of Canada, ca. 1927. Great condition. Asking $1.7 million. Please contact for details and provenance: Gary W. Hopkins, 2856 PO Box 55, Pubnico, NS B0W 2W0 Canada.

1770 TEN-ROOM COLONIAL FOR SALE for all or parts removal. Take it all or just your choice of items. Features excellent condition throughout. Many intact original features including five chimney cupboards, three-foot wide pine wall panels, chair rails, fireplaces and mantels. Windows restored original glass. Wide pine floors, gunstock beams, intact corn chamber, outside granite doorsteps and exceptional granite cellar doorsteps featured. Call (603) 529-2936 for an appointment to view. Price $12,000 (not a misprint).

COLLECTION OF NEAR-PERFECT 710 SUNDAY NEWSPAPER ROTO-GRAVURE covers of movie personal-ities and 10 presidents or royalty, all in sleeves, dated 1938-1964. Best offer within 30 days of ad, plus shipping. Ron Berkheimer (386) 441-7344.

50 YEARS OF COLLECTING (Civil War-1960s) and some furniture for sale. Request details from TOT, PO Box 123, Rowley, MA 01969. All for $35,000. 

RARE NEWSPAPERS – The New Collectible! Authentic originals, all historic events, 1600s-20th Century. Revolutionary War, Civil War, Old West, Harper’s Weekly, ( (570) 326-1045 ([email protected]).


ELDERLY GENT searching for 1700 and 1800 handwritten diaries (journals) written by my brothers during this period of time. Also looking for old general store day books. Rex Donovan, 432 Dick Combs Dr., Erlanger, KY 41018.

WANTED TO BUY: Annie Snyder paintings from Central Pennsylvania. Most often signed A.M. Snyder. Email: [email protected].

MIKADO BANK-WANTED IN ANY CONDITION. Banks, bell toys, and tin toys, mechanical and still, cast-iron and tin. Wanted in any condition. Collector and broker. Dr. “Z,” (248) 561-2314 EST, 1350 Kirts #160, Troy, MI 48084-4800.

WANTED: ANTIQUE AUTOMATONS AND STORE WINDOW DISPLAYS Early French and German moving advertising figures (electric or clockwork), made by JAF and other Paris makers. Also buying early funhouse and amusement park devices. Tim LaGanke, 14054 Sweetbriar Lane, Novelty, Ohio 44072. [email protected] (216) 469-7373.

WANTED: ANTIQUE GARDEN  ORNAMENT Cast iron urns, bird baths, benches and chairs, hitching posts, sundials, finials, cast-iron jock-eys, etc. Contact: Aileen Minor, Box 410, Centreville, MD 21617, (410) 758-1489, [email protected].

WANTED: CAP BOMBS, Cast iron, made in the form of human or animal heads. Many are sculptures of famous people such as Washington, Lincoln, etc. Fired a cap by being dropped on a hard surface. (561) 329-8280.

WANTED: MOURNING RING, GEORGIAN OR VICTORIAN. Gold and enamel, no hair. Man’s name. [email protected].

EARLY CRANBERRY BOG INDUSTRY ITEMS. Photographs, real photo postcards, box and barrel stencils, log books, correspondence, paintings, letterheads, stereoviews, ephemera. [email protected]. (508) 294-5007.

WANTED: OLD MOTORCYCLES American, Japanese, British: 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s. Any condition, running or not, especially projects for restoration. Website: ( Phone: 1-800-220-9683 Email: [email protected].

ALASKA: Old photos, books, paintings, stereoviews, postcards, ephemera. Anything old Alaska- Yukon-Klondike. Wood, Box 22165, Juneau, AK 98802 <[email protected]t> (907) 789-8450.

BANKS, BELL TOYS, and tin toys, mechanical and still, cast iron and tin. Collector and broker. Dr. “Z,” (248) 561-2314 EST, 1350 Kirts #160, Troy, MI 48084-4800.

AUTOGRAPHS, banners, political pins, leathers, baseball cards, silks, pennants, baseball pins, sports memorabilia wanted. Highest prices paid. Stan Block, 128 Cynthia Road, Newton, MA 02159.

KLOPFER COLLECTION SEEKING RARE NUTMEG GRATERS. Include price & photo to; (860) 763-2675 / <[email protected] com>. Educational website: (

ANTIQUE SCRIMSHAW from the 19th century, including teeth, crimpers, boxes, tools, swifts, clock towers, etc. Please, please antique pieces only. Contact John Rinaldi, Box 765, Kennebunkport, ME 04046. (207) 967-3218, Fax (207) 967-2918, <[email protected]>, (www.johnrinaldi­

19th C. WHALEMAN SCRIMSHAW Whale teeth, pie crimpers, boxes, swifts, harpoons, tools, etc. Contact: Rafael Osona, PO Box 2607, Nantucket, MA. 02584, (508) 228-3942. <[email protected]>, (, Lic. 366.

NANTUCKET ART, BASKETS AND ARTIFACTS Anne Congdon, Frank Swift Chase, Wendall Macy, George Inness, Eastman Johnson, Hayley Lever, John Austin, Ralph Cahoon, James Walter Folger, Andrew Shunney. For comprehensive list, visit ( Contact: Rafael Osona, (508) 228-3942 <[email protected]>, Lic. 366.

MOVIE POSTERS WANTED. Lobby cards, 1-sheets, window cards, glass slides. Highest prices paid. Dwight Cleveland, PO Box 10922, Chicago, IL 60610-0922. (773) 525-9152. Fax (773) 525-2969. E-mail: <[email protected]>.

Originally published in the July 2021 issue of Maine Antique Digest. © 2021 Maine Antique Digest