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(Auction Law and Ethics)

It's Elementary, My Dear Watson
by Steve Proffitt

Auction Law and Ethicsby Steve ProffittFriend and fellow columnist David Vazdauskas wrote me about an auction consignor who suffered a loss of property at an auction house. Vazdauskas's inquiry paralleled a reader's question and caused me to think of an issue I haven't previously addressed: what a consignor should do ... (Read More)


Marburger Farm Antique Show
by David Anderson

Round Top, TexasMarburger Farm Antique Showby David AndersonThis year Easter Sunday fell on an unusually late date and threw some turmoil into the beginning and ending of what is informally known as Texas Antique Week. Several shows and individual vendors participated the week just before Easter, many others picked the ... (Read More)


Quiet Sale Produces Healthy Gross
by David Hewett

Northeast Auctions, Portsmouth, New Hampshireby David HewettThere wasn't any blockbuster furniture in Northeast Auctions' sale on May 19 and 20 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and there was only a smattering of art objects. In fact, there wasn't anything of note evident in a quick perusal of the catalog.The second session ... (Read More)


Fun and Fantasy at Rhinebeck
by Fran Kramer

Rhinebeck, New Yorkby Fran KramerIf Washington Irving's character Rip Van Winkle had opened his eyes after a 31-year sleep (instead of 20) at the May 26 and 27 Rhinebeck Antiques Fair, he'd be amused, amazed, and a little befuddled.He'd recognize the show management—efficient, organized, dealer-friendly—and even a few of the ... (Read More)


Hibbard Vermont Landscape Tops Rockport Art Association Annual Fundraiser
by Rose Safran

Rockport Art Association, Rockport, Massachusettsby Rose SafranThe Rockport Art Association's annual art sale is one of this writer's favorite auctions. The principal fundraiser for the venerable Rockport Art Association (RAA), it is held in May in the organization's charming headquarters in the heart of this popular destination for artists and ... (Read More)


Beautiful Portrait and Brainy Clock Sell Best
by Jeanne Schinto

Skinner, Inc., Boston, Massachusettsby Jeanne SchintoThere were several wild cards at the latest Skinner Americana sale in Boston on Sunday, June 3, but the cover lot, a breathtakingly beautiful portrait of a young woman attributed to Ammi Phillips, was not one of them. The oil on canvas laid down on ... (Read More)


American Paintings Sale
by Ann Berman

Sotheby's, New York Cityby Ann BermanResponding to an unusually lean season of business-getting, Sotheby's American art specialists prudently padded their sale of May 23 with anything they could get their hands on. There were some great works on offer but also plenty of average pictures and some real clunkers.How did ... (Read More)


Polar Books: Cold Is Hot at Swann
by Jeanne Schinto

Swann Galleries, New York Cityby Jeanne SchintoA first edition of the first book published in Antarctica sold to a collector for $84,000 (includes buyer's premium) at the highly successful auction by Swann Galleries of the polar library of Dr. John M. Levinson in New York City on May 24. The ... (Read More)


Chippendale Secretary Leads
by Mark Sisco

Thomaston Place Auction Galleries, Thomaston, Maineby Mark SiscoAs a group, some ship paintings by Badger and Stubbs were the strongest offerings at the Thomaston Place Auction Galleries sale on May 26 and 27 in Thomaston, Maine. With items representing four continents and numerous countries, it was a wide-ranging sale.The small ... (Read More)


Revelations about Smuggled Whale's Teeth
by David Hewett

Revelations about Smuggled Whale's Teethby David Hewett In April, antiques dealer Martin Schneider, 60, of Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, pled guilty to smuggling "hundreds" of the raw sperm whale's teeth from 1995 through 2005, so many that his sales of the teeth netted him over $500,000. "That's just the tip of the ... (Read More)
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