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Download 2017 printable ad package (pdf)

Prices in effect through the January 2018 issue.

Ad Size 
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Basic Cost
With 10% Discount
Basic Cost
With 10% Discount
Front-cover Double Block
Front-cover Single Block
1/2 Page Cover Color Section
Front or Back Cover
By reservation only.



By reservation only.  



Full Page



3/4 Page



2/3 Page



3/5 Page



1/2 Page



2/5 Page



1/3 Page



1/4 Page



1/6 Page



1/8 Page



1/16 Page



Per Column Inch



Classified per word (25-word minimum) 1.00 per word. No discounts.

Non-standard sizes: $21.00 per column inch, with a 2-column-inch minimum.

These ad prices are for the printed version of M.A.D. only. For information about ads on the Internet, please read the Internet section.

NOTE: Classified display and regular display rates are identical. All display advertisers will receive a checking copy of the issue as well as a tear sheet with the statement.

Internet ad based on print ad
no discount
Internet ad without print ad
no discount


Prepayment discounts:

  • All display advertisers are eligible for a 10% discount on ads that are prepaid or paid within ten days of receipt of invoice.

  • First-time advertisers must send payment with the ad order. The 10% discount would apply.

  • An additional 10% discount applies to ads that run for six months with no changes, paid in advance.

  • Ads will not be accepted from those with delinquent accounts. A late payment charge of 1½% a month will be applied to bills that are unpaid 30 days after the billing.

  • We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

  • Canadian/foreign advertisers: Payment in U.S. funds only.

  • Advertising agencies: We no longer offer an agency discount.


Contrary to its title, Maine Antique Digest is not just a New England publication. Our news coverage extends across the U.S. and Canada. Our monthly column Letter from London highlights major sales in London and elsewhere. We have subscribers in all 50 states and a number of foreign countries. In addition, our website and digital edition are available 24/7 to readers worldwide. Demographics are available on request.


  • Position is not guaranteed, with the exception of covers and centerspreads.
  • Covers and centerspreads are available by reservation only.

  • Show and auction ads are generally grouped together. All shows and auctions are listed on the calendar. The calendar is included on our website at no extra charge, with dates, location, and contact information for each advertised event.


Special pull-out sections are printed in either full color or black-and-white and in the same size and format as the rest of the paper. These are especially useful to show promoters but may also be useful for auctioneers, group shops, or private dealers. These special sections are available in increments of four pages and typically contain ads and promotional material for a particular event. For more information, click Special Sections or call the M.A.D. office.


Call for availability and pricing.


Two full-color block ads on the front cover, each 2¼" wide x 2" high, are available ($500 each). The full area (4¾" x 2") is also available ($1000). Front-cover ads are available by reservation only, on a first-come, first-served basis. All front-cover ads must be created by M.A.D.’s in-house graphics professionals (no extra charge).


Maine Antique Digest classified ads are $1.00 per word, $25.00 minimum charge. Photographs or line art with classifieds are $10 extra. Illustrations will not exceed 1½" in publication. All classified ads must be paid in advance; no discounts apply.


M.A.D.’s annual Trade Directory is a comprehensive listing of dealers, auctioneers, show promoters, and service providers that is printed and bound separately and mailed as a supplement to the January issue. The Trade Directory is also posted for the year on M.A.D.’s website. The directory includes listings ($60 each) as well as full-color display ads. Deadline for the 2018 Directory is September 15, 2017. Specifications and costs for Trade Directory ads.


The deadline for ads is the FIRST WEDNESDAY of each month. Issues are mailed ten days after the first Wednesday. M.A.D. deadlines are firm dates, and all material, including all ad copy and photographs, whether mailed or e-mailed, must be in our office by 5:00 p.m. on deadline day.

We strongly advise you to send electronic ads (e-mail or FTP) as early as possible. Our printing schedule does not permit us to hold space past 5:00 p.m. on deadlines. Please allow plenty of time for your ad material to reach us.

2017 Deadlines
February January 4
March February 1
April March 1
May April 5
June May 3
July June 7
August July 5
September August 2
October September 6
November October 4
December November 1
January 2018 December 6
February 2018 January 3, 2018
2018 Antiques Trade Directory (insert in Jan.’18 issue) September 15, 2017


There is no charge for composing ads, including layout, typesetting, or scanning your photographs. If you send us a rough sketch of your ad, we’ll be glad to do the rest. Advertising copy is not accepted over the telephone.

What M.A.D. needs from you:

  • Ad size, business name, billing address, and the issue(s) in which the ad should appear.
  • Ad copy.
  • Digital images, shot at high resolution (a minimum 1600 x 1200 pixels) for the size needed in the ad. Images should be supplied at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch).
  • Prints and hard copy logo art may be supplied in lieu of digital images. These will be scanned and returned to you.

If you create your own ad:

  • Save your images at 300 dpi.
  • For line art, such as logos, resolution should be at least 600 dpi.
  • To ensure optimum clarity in printing, make sure photos are set to grayscale for black-and-white ads and CMYK for color ads. Please note, all RGB images need to be converted to CMYK for color ads and grayscale for black-and-white ads.
  • In color ads, black text should be BLACK ONLY. Do not use RGB or CMYK blends for type.
  • Please send PDFs sized exactly to M.A.D.’s specifications. NO crop marks.
  • Proofread your ad carefully. With few exceptions, we cannot make changes to or correct your PDFs.
  • We prefer that you send us the ad as a press-optimized PDF. Fonts and images must be embedded in the PDF. In lieu of a PDF, we accept files in Adobe InDesign (PC or Mac). If the ad is composed and sent in Quark XPress, Microsoft Publisher, or Microsoft Word, please send photo files separately. Compressed files (ZIP, SIT, and HQX) are acceptable. We will return disks only if requested.
  • Files that can’t easily be e-mailed can be sent via FTP.
    FTP criteria:
    User: [email protected]
    Password: mad-2013


  • M.A.D.’s Internet advertising is a quick, inexpensive way to deliver your ad in color to a global audience.
  • Any ad running in the printed M.A.D. can run on the web for $55 (includes up to three color pictures). If you don’t indicate which pictures should run, M.A.D. will choose three. Additional pictures can be included for $5 each (no discounts).
  • Dealer ads are posted to M.A.D.’s website the Sunday following print publication and stay up for one month. These ads include a single thumbnail image that rotates in the row just below the navagation bar on the front page of the website. The front page thumbnail links to the ad. The ad can also be accessed from the "See All Ads" button and from the "Search Ads" menu option.
  • Show and auction ads are posted to M.A.D.’s website as soon as they are processed and stay on the web for one month, or until the next issue is published. Show and auction ads can be renewed with no text or photo changes until the event ends for $25 a month. Changes or additions to the ad will incur the standard $55 Internet advertising fee.
  • Show and auction ads are linked to M.A.D.’s Internet calendar at no extra charge.
  • Internet ads not running in print are $135 for the first month, $55 each additional month for the same ad with no changes. This includes three color pictures or graphics. For each additional picture, add $5.
  • To place a link on the M.A.D. website to your website without a print or Internet ad costs $55 per month. Dealer links have a single thumbnail image on the home page, the same as dealer ads. Links to dated show or auction events appear on the website calendars.
  • Auction catalogs, in some cases, can be posted. Call for details.
  • Banner ads appear on the home page of our website. There are different locations and sizes available and each spot will hold three to four rotating ads. The dimensions and monthly costs are as follows:

    Home Page Banner ads:

    • Home Page Top Banner ad: Only one ad is placed in this space at any time. This ad appears at the top of our home page and is the most visible banner ad available. 1024 pixels x 128 pixels (14.222" wide by 1.778" high): Cost: $800 per month
    • Full Block ad: 315 x 265 pixels (4.375" wide by 3.681" high): Cost: $350 per month

    • Half-block ad: 315 x 125 pixels (4.375" wide x 1.736" high): $175 per month
    • Footer ad:  515 x 105 pixels (7.153" wide x 1.458" high): $175 per month

    Calendar Page Banner ad:  515 x 105 pixels (7.153" wide x 1.458" high): $500 per month. Next to the home page, the calendar page is the most-visited page on our site.

    If you create your own banner ad to send us, it should be in jpeg, png, or gif format in RGB color mode. We can create a banner ad for you if you send images and text.
Every photo or image (including logos) in Internet advertisements published on the Maine Antique Digest website is included at no cost on the website ( Each image is published as a “tile” on the Marketplace for Collectors page, with a link back to the advertisement, or to the advertiser’s home page for link-only advertisers. Marketplace for Collectors provides a way for buyers to search for art and antiques visually.


Call toll free 1-877-237-6623 with your advertising questions or email [email protected]

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