Maine Antique Digest Show Sections

Promote your show by running a show section in M.A.D.

M.A.D. makes running a show section an easy way to publicize your show. We contact each exhibitor to offer the show section, we handle all the billing, and we provide layout and design services at no extra charge.

Each show section is an individual pull-out that is handy for readers to take with them. Sections are offered in four-page increments depending on the number of exhibitors participating. The show section can be in color or in black-and-white, depending on the promoter’s choice.

For the dealer:

  • M.A.D. gives a 30% discount off regular ad prices to all advertisers who participate.
  • Two additional photos with captions can be sent to be used as publicity within the show section for any advertiser running an ad—no extra charge.
  • Each advertiser will receive a complimentary copy of the paper.

For the promoter:

  • Your full-page ad is the first page of the show section. The 30% discount applies.
  • Publicity can be sent to be used as filler throughout the show section.
  • The promoter supplies all exhibitor names, addresses, and e-mail addresses to M.A.D. (We do not share these names outside our office.) We then send a letter to your exhibitors along with the size chart and cost for either color or black-and-white (promoter’s choice). A reminder e-mail is sent 7-10 days before the advertising deadline.
  • A banner, created by M.A.D., is placed on all exhibitor pages to give the section a consistent look.
  • Papers can be provided for your show to hand out as free samples. (We need the UPS address and the earliest date the papers can be delivered.)
  • The show is listed in M.A.D.’s print and online calendar, and the show and each advertiser are listed in the issue’s index of advertisers.

For the ad designer

  • All grayscale and color images must be scanned at 300 dpi. Line art must be at 1200 dpi. All images should be sized to within 10% of the final size used in the layout.
  • All color images must be in CMYK (NOT RGB) color mode.
  • Convert the finished layout to “press-optimized” pdf format, version 1.3 (PDF/x-1a) compatible. Make sure to include all fonts when converting to pdf.

Call or e-mail if you have any questions!

Dale Flagg, Advertising Manager, Maine Antique Digest
1-877-237-6623 |

Download pdf chart of ad sizes and prices

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