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Cape Ann Historical Museum, Gloucester, Mass.: Fitz Henry Lane and Mary Blood Mellen
by Rose Safran

by Rose SafranOn several levels Fitz Henry Lane & Mary Blood Mellen: Old Mysteries and New Discoveries is an important exhibition. It answers and poses questions about a major American artist and the contribution to his art by his most talented pupil.Curated by American art historian and Princeton University professor ... (Read More)


Kentshire to Open Gallery on Madison Avenue
by Lita Solis-Cohen

by Lita Solis-CohenNew York City art galleries are on the move. Some are moving out of the Upper East Side to Chelsea, and others are moving in. Barry Friedman has moved to 515 West 26th Street, and Primavera Gallery may be found at 210 Eleventh Avenue, both in Chelsea. Kentshire ... (Read More)


Bedford, New Hampshire: Stampede Opens Flamingo's Manchester Show
by Jeanne Schinto

by Jeanne SchintoThe satellite show that Flamingo Promotions begat nine years ago to take advantage of the crowds of collectors drawn to Antiques Week in New Hampshire increased its gate this year by 20%, according to Flamingo's Tina Bruno. "I think folks are finally finding out that this is a ... (Read More)


Experiencing History: "Flyers of the Hudson"
by A.J. Peluso

by A.J. Peluso, Jr.Old paper and glass are perishable. Don't believe it. Many lithographs, newspapers, photographs, and postcards survive despite their insubstantial nature. They gravitate to attic trunks, closet corners, and little-used dresser drawers. Out of the way, they lie dormant in dry and dark places for ages undisturbed. But ... (Read More)


Green Valley Auctions, Inc., Mt. Crawford, Virginia: Newcomb Pottery Bowl Leads Green Valley Sale
by Walter C. Newman

by Walter C. NewmanIt is not surprising to learn that a piece of pottery emerged as the top lot at a Green Valley Auctions sale. It is surprising to learn that the piece in question is from the 20th century, and that it is not from the Shenandoah Valley. Such ... (Read More)


Rail Splitter Auction

The Rail Splitter, a national organization of Lincoln and Civil War collectors, is hosting its 12th annual auction of Lincolniana and Civil War-related memorabilia. The auction, which concludes on September 27, consists of more than 1200 lots and is the organization's largest sale ever of historical artifacts, documents, and material ... (Read More)


Settlement Reminder

Several years ago there was a court settlement in excess of $500 million against Sotheby's and Christie's for colluding illegally on consignor fees. The court let the defendants off easily in part by ordering the two auction houses to issue thousands, if not tens of thousands, of rebate "stock-like" certificates ... (Read More)


VADA Show Dedicated to John Robinson and Andy Williams

Autumn antiquing in Vermont begins with the 33rd annual Vermont Antiques Dealers' Association Show to be held at Hunter Park Pavilion on Route 7 in Manchester Center, Vermont. This year's show is dedicated to the memory of two loyal VADA members, John Robinson and Andy Williams. Both took part in ... (Read More)


Winter Antiques Show to Showcase Shaker
by Fran Kramer

by Fran KramerThe Shaker Museum and Library at Old Chatham, New York, has just announced that it will present the loan exhibit at the Winter Antiques Show in New York City, January 17-27. The exhibition, An Eye Toward Perfection: The Shaker Museum and Library, is sponsored by the Chubb Group ... (Read More)


Firearms Column
by Robert Kyle

by Robert KyleAntique American firearms that bring the most money at auctions are generally those associated with historic figures such as cowboys, lawmen, outlaws, Native Americans, U.S. presidents, and other notables. Across the Atlantic, however, where cowboys and Indians and the winning of the West existed only by hearsay, Britain ... (Read More)
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